Monday, January 24, 2011

From the Past: January 24, 2003

Found this in 2003 archives and thought since it applied to the same date I'd send it out.  It was lovely today outdoors, a bit warmer than we've been having.  I opened the windows and let the house air out and then went outdoors to prune the rose bushes...A lovely way to spend a winter afternoon.

Final Thought from Penny

We live in a mild climate. Seasons are not as clearly marked as in
other regions. Here we have about two weeks each of spring and
autumn, two months of winter, and 9 months of heat. Seasons are more
easily denoted by what's available fresh in the markets greengrocers
section, than by the way the climate.

Another sure sign of seasons is more subtle. The slant and color of
the sunlight changes. Fiercely hot and white in the summer months,
it mellows and becomes more golden in the cooler portion of the
year. In winter we can count on incredibly colorful and vibrant
sunsets and sunrises.

We had such a sunset the other evening. My husband, on his way to
work for an extra shift, looked up at the sky and said, "It's a
dreamsicle evening", and it was indeed a study in creamy orange. The
breeze was warming, no doubt heralding in the clouds that cover the
sky today as I write, and it gently lifted my hair, almost like a

I find that the more I live, the more incredibly satisfied I feel in
simple moments like standing on the back deck looking at a dreamsicle
sky, feeling safe and secure, and happy in the moment.

May you too have dreamsicle moments this week.


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