Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Headaches and Such

We've had weather exactly typical of this time of year.  Warm and sunny with windows open to cool things down just a little mid-afternoon and today we're back to fog with drizzling rain and the heaters on to stay warm.  I'm not complaining.  This is February in Georgia.  Looking back through a few old posts from last year at this time, my photos record rain, snow, and stunning sunrises and sunsets.  That too is February in Georgia, lol. 

I've been struggling with one of my efforts to monetize this site.  I have a small earnings already, but the sponsor insists that I have another account and so am disapproved though their stuff continues to appear upon my site.  I've followed all their suggestions (as confusing as they are) and for my troubles I got another automated email saying the 'other' address doesn't exist in their system...and then still another stating that my 'new' address is disapproved because I have the 'other' address.  Sigh. 

I searched high and low looking for some place where I might get help.  The main site plainly states that the chances of talking to anyone via email or otherwise is nil but you can post a question and wait for answers.  Gee isn't that helpful?  I've read every single question asked and the few that relate to my issue basically state that as long as the sponsor's widget is still appearing then you are earning...but what's the point of earnings I've been disapproved to receive payment for?  And as I thought, others with the same issues have received no check for their troubles. 

Remember that menu posted yesterday?  We've deviated from it twice already.  No apologies from me about that.  Chance mentioned that what he'd really like was a big pot of spaghetti with a nice thick meat sauce.  So I thawed meat yesterday and made up a batch of spaghetti sauce to sit overnight in the fridge and 'season'.  In the meantime the meal I'd planned yesterday didn't thaw in time to cook dinner, so we had another meal entirely.  Not a bad thing as it allowed me to use up a few leftovers from the fridge and gave me the idea of using up still more of them making those sweet potato biscuits we had for supper last night.  While I was baking anyway, I mixed up peanut butter cookies.  That's taken care of at least one snack option for this week.  And the planned meals will just slide around a bit.

We were out this morning, picking up the basics at the grocery (eggs, milk, bread) and getting Chance a haircut.  We took the 'long cut' as we say when we drive more than the required distance.  It was interesting with all the fog.   It so changes the landscapes when shrouded in fog.

While in the grocery, I dug through a bin I'd noticed last week.  It was a mixed bag: lots of discounted cigarettes, and an odd or end of other things, but this week they'd tossed in videos.  I found "Emma" and "Jane Eyre" for $4 each which seemed more than reasonable to me.

I also bought discounted flowers because honestly who doesn't need flowers in February?  Chance laughed when I said I needed them.  "Not need, want..." he said, but I assured him, "No, I NEED them..."   He shook his head, but I understand perfectly why they are needed.  I don't understand why he can't understand!

I was a little shocked at checkout today at the total.  I can't blame anyone at all, and while Chance rightly pointed out that I had added to the bulk of our purchases (and he was right), I hadn't added much over $12 and that didn't account for the vast amount we'd spent otherwise.  To be fair to us, we bought nothing that wasn't on our list except a $1/1 dozen box of donuts (that went in the other snack jar) and 2 bags of coffee.  Not exactly big spends or splurges.  However, I am now near my budget limit for the month.  Needless to say, the rest of this month I shall try my utmost to do another pantry/freezer challenge (and now I'm stocked up I should have some success) buying only any fresh produce, dairy, bread required....and that means more of my 'use it up' tricks in the kitchen.  Hence this afternoon I mixed the leftover cooked spaghetti and sauce and froze.  Not quite enough for a hearty plateful of pasta but enough with rolls and salad to make a nice meal another day.  And that put me to work this evening trying to find a way to use up honey mustard I'd mixed (turkey and cheese sliders are in the oven at present and I'll have enough to put a few in Chance's work lunch for Thursday).

In honesty, I'm more interested in sticking to my budget than going over it. And yes, I'll use $12 from my allowance to actually buy some of the needed produce, dairy, and bread required if it means I can come close to being on budget for the month.

So this is where I am this afternoon...There are things over which I have no control and there's no point complaining about them, i.e. February weather patterns.  There are things I thought would be a good resource that are obviously not going to be worth the headache and so that sponsor's widget may just disappear if I don't hear something from them shortly through that non-existent question/answer system.  And finally, there are things I can control and if that means a little sacrifice on my part to do it, then I'm going to buckle down and deal with them (budget for instance!).  Which about sorts out the headaches that were concerning me today.

While we were out today I went by the thrift store to drop off my donations (and just remembered I left one of my reusable grocery bags there!  Phooey!) which the decluttering last month generated.  The next nice sunny day that comes along I plan to go out to my shed and see if I have one more donation out there and then I should be pretty well done with the majority and will just make a monthly donation drop as things are no longer wanted/needed.

The thrift store had just gotten in a HUGE donation of baby things and they were piled outside under the shelter of the porch but misting rain was getting to them.  Three workers were sorting as quickly as they could to try and prevent damp getting to the items.  And as I unloaded my box and bag, two more came up with donations as well.  What a shame they had such an overload today of all days.  I didn't even peek at anything, as I knew temptation waited for me and frankly my thrift budget for February is being set aside for the Peaches to Beaches yard sale in six weeks time.  This is the ONLY time of year when I'll hold money over from one month to the next and it's strictly for this miles long yard sale of which I travel about 50 miles.

I suppose I'd better wind up here for the evening.  It's time for me to read...I've had such a time trying to read the last few months that I'm now setting aside a time for it at the end of each day.  It's paying off.  Last month I managed to read three books.  Perhaps this month I'll build back up to my more typical 1-2 books per week. 

I spoke to Mama a little bit ago and she told me that the forecast is for sunshine tomorrow.  I'm all for that! lol  Too many of these gray drizzly days are hard to take.


Christina said...

have you added ad sence to your account i think you get to it from your google page

Rhonda said...

your sunshine tomorrow sounds so nice. I know just what you mean about sticking to your grocery budget, it gets harder all the time but I am so trying to do it as well.

I've seen lots of things on sale but I don't think I've ever seen discounted cigarettes. I don't smoke so maybe I just wasn't looking :)

Mommyblogger said...

I'm in total agreement with you on the weather. These cold & dreary days are beginning to get to me too. I'm usually a winter lover but this year I'm ready for Spring! Enjoy your sunshine tomorrow. Our weather tonight and tomorrow is not going to be good. Forecast is giving high winds and heavy rains, YUCK!!!

LouAnne said...

That warm sunshine sounds amazing! We had a day or two of 50+ degree weather and really enjoyed it.

Manuela@TPOH said...

The weather is just crazy! I had on short sleeves on the weekend and was working in the garden and yesterday I was wrapped up and freezing. The 10 day forecast says snow next thursday. I hope they're wrong.

I don't see any ad today so I guess you resolved your issue? Have you tried Blogher? The waiting list is long though.