Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Monday: Pantry Freezer Challenge Part II

Another week has flown by but oh how things have changed!  Outside my window nearly all the trees have new leaves and some are quite full.  The grass grew overnight until it's impossible to deny the need to mow any longer.  Bees, butterflies, birds are everywhere and Maddie is nearly mad with joy at so many things to chase, pounce and ponder in the grasses.  I don't know who told her that she was a bird dog because she's NOT, but it doesn't matter in the least to her.  She's off in a heartbeat after anything with wings!

The weather has warmed up a good deal, too.  The Air Conditioner is on most afternoons from 3:30pm onwards.  I haven't been able to open windows since late last week, there's just too much pollen floating about out there.  The car and porches area ll pale yellow...which reminds me some little town in our area has a Yellow Pollen Street festival about this time this month, lol.  I suppose when others have claimed Strawberry, Forsythia, Dogwood, Peach, and other pretty things, you just lay claim to what you have in abundance and name your festival after it!

Warm weather menus from the fridge/freezer and pantry this week are as follows:

Monday:  Three Cheese Tortellini with Creamy Tomato Sauce, Tossed Salad, Crescent Roll
An entree from my freezer.  I admit I thought it was single serve, but realized after taking it out to thaw that this is most definitely two servings.  I'll save half for another day's dinner when Chance is working later this week.  Crescent rolls from the freezer.  This salad is the last little bit of anything green other than cabbage in the produce bin.  Good thing tomorrow is shopping day.

Tuesday:  Pepperoni, potato and cheese  Pizza, Crudite, Ranch Dressing
I found a single loaf's worth of sourdough bread dough in the freezer.  I am thawing it now but it's not really making an effort to rise...I'll just flatten and use for pizza dough,  will pre-bake the crust today (Monday).  The potatoes are leftover from this past Friday.  I'd forgotten Chance would be home so made a special dinner for him that day.  Fresh vegetables from today's grocery shopping will make a vegetable plate.  I have homemade Ranch dressing to serve with it.

Wednesday:  Burgers and Dogs on the Grill, Corn on Cob, Vegetarian Baked Beans, Condiments Platter
Ha...I saw charcoal on sale this past week and bought it.  Then Chance commented over the weekend that he wanted to grill out this week.  I plan to buy sirloin tip and have it ground.  It's on sale locally.  That's one item I have none of in my freezer, ground beef.  I'll remedy that with this good sale.  I'll make my own buns using Rhonda's Grandpa's bread recipe.  Corn on the cob from Florida is fresh in our local markets, so I'll buy a package of that.  Chance does love corn on the cob!  Hmmm...I think I have navy beans on hand.  If I do, I'll start them soaking and make my own baked beans right here at home.  Now I've got that new pressure cooker, I could can a couple of jars of leftovers.

Thursday:  BBQ'd Chicken Breasts, Rice, Steamed Broccoli with Cheese, Corn Muffins
I'll make my own BBQ sauce using apple cider as part of the liquid.  I shared half a gallon with Alan, but there's still more than enough cider left to warrant figuring out ways to use it up.  We'll see what prices on broccoli looks like...I may have asparagus with this menu if that's the better price.  And if neither of those  suit me in price, I noted that squash, zucchini and green beans from Florida are very well priced. 

Friday:  Tuna Macaroni Salad, Saltines, Apple Pie
One of Chance's long time favorites.  With the weather heating up into the low '80's and his plans to cut grass this week, it seems right to bring out an old Tried and True recipe for warmer weather.  It's so economical, too. I'll add in whatever fresh vegetables we have on hand, serve on a pretty lettuce lined plate.  I could do fancy crackers but saltines is what Chance's mom served with this and that's the way he likes it.  Gracious, saltines are an inexpensive kitchen staple, so why should I complain?  We've plenty of apples on hand, so I'll make a small apple pie for our dessert.

Saturday:  Catch Can Dinner: Leftovers
We should have plenty of food leftover by week's end.  I'm willing to bet there will be pizza, tuna salad, burgers and hot dogs...And if there's nothing leftover?  Well we'll probably have Omelets and Salads and more of those good crescent rolls! And home fries if we're terribly hungry.

Sunday:  Chicken and Dressing, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Peach Salad, Peas with Mushrooms
I should have a few corn muffins left from early in the week and added to the cornbread in the freezer, that will make just enough cornbread crumbs for dressing.  Cranberry sauce is in the freezer and so are the peas.  I've planned to buy baby bella mushrooms on sale this week with my produce purchase so that will be the only 'bought' item needed to complete this menu.

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