Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu Monday: Pantry/ Freezer Challenge Part III

I think I've still got the Spring fever organizing/decluttering bug.  Yesterday I was knee deep in a closet dismantleing a sotrage system of milk crates so that I could build up a storage area in my broomcloset which was bereft of any storage shelves.  Now I have a lovely well organized broom closet that holds all I could want it to as well as the trash can.  Chance was astonished.  "Why didn't you think of this sooner?" was his first comment, followed by the more usual, "You are so smart!" lol

I put my closet back together with the leftovers and considered the lack of storage space there a good time to cull more of the shoes and purses I never use. 

Today I was busy organizing my cabinet where I keep my vintage magazines.  I repaired torn covers and reattached covers/backs to magazines and then put them in order of months.  Now, hopefully, I'll be able to easily get at the current month's issues.

Like everyone else I am confused by our weather.  Hot and breezy, with pollen filled air, or cool and damp, or humid and thunder-y with threatening weather.  Gracious!  I hardly know what season to prepare foods from.  I am definitely thinking that today is more a soup and cornbread sort of day, though we'd planned early last week that today would be a cook-out day.  It's a good thing that freezer and pantry continue to be full with all sorts of foods that lend themselves to all kinds of weather!

Monday:  Vegetable Beef Soup, Cornbread, Pear Salad
Just to suit the cool damp feeling in the air, I'll go right ahead and prepare soup this evening.  Even though it's frozen, thank goodness it can thaw over low heat and I do believe that soup will hit the spot.  We might even have to consider lighting the heater if the temperature drops tonight. 

Tuesday:  Swiss Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Crescent Rolls, Berries and Cream
I guess this menu has a bit of winter and a bit of spring in it, much like the weather, lol.  I will slow cook round steak pieces with tomatoes, onions, mixed bell peppers.  Rolls are those lovely crescent rolls I mixed up earlier this month and froze a portion of.  I must remember to get a photo of the baked rolls and post that recipe.  Fresh strawberries with whipped cream for dessert.

Wednesday:  Teriyaki Chicken Wings, Rice, Stir Fried Oriental Vegetables
I think if I make the chicken wings, Chance will take a few in his lunch.  If I remember, I'll try to make up some egg rolls as well.  Those reheat well in the microwave and make a tasty lunch on the go, even if they are just filled with cabbage and carrots.  I bought a package of fresh oriental vegetable mix and tossed it into the freezer when I discovered I had an abundance of fresh produce.  These should steam nicely and mixed with a bit of garlic and ginger root will taste as good as if fresh.

Thursday:  Oven Baked Corn Dogs, Coleslaw, Oven Fries
Another meal that is well suited to a work lunch.  I'm killing two birds with every meal I make so far this week, lol.  Corn Dogs and Coleslaw will go into Chance's work lunch.  I'll freezer any other leftover corn dogs. 

Friday:  Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower, Sliced Tomatoes, Leftover Coleslaw
I'll add some chopped cauliflower from the freezer to my macaroni and cheese mix.  I find cauliflower is fairly bland anyway and I think it will not that noticeable in the mac and cheese...why not sneak in an extra vegetable?  Let's see cauliflower, tomato, coleslaw...That's three servings in one meal!

Saturday:   Leftover Teriyaki Wings and Fried Rice, Tangelo
I'll reheat wings and stir fry the leftover rice and vegetables. It will be easy to prepare once I'm home from synagogue.

Sunday:  Roast Beef,  Italian Roasted Vegetables, Herbed pasta
I'm thinking maybe we'll be back to Spring weather by Sunday.  Roast beef will be good hot or cold.  The roasted Vegetables will go nicely over the buttered and herb seasoned pasta.

Desserts: Banana Creme Pie, Lemon Sugar Cookies 

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Rhonda said...

we had about 3 weeks of warm springy weather and now we are in the middle of a week's worth of winter stuff. I am wanting warm and comforting things to eat. Your veg beef soup sounds good

we had fried rice a week or so ago and we enjoyed it so much, I made another big batch of it yesterday. Jeff took some for his lunch today and requested it for tomorrows lunch too.