Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Monday: A New Budget Month

Menu Monday

A new budget month begins.  I did my shopping today, in time for Passover.  I'm attempting my first Passover dinner at home.  I'm a bit excited over this as it's new to us.  I'm just waiting for Chance to come in from work to celebrate.

I've been thinking about meals all day today...I normally plan meals before shopping, but today I am working backwards.  That will make meal planning an especial challenge but I think I can do a week without too much trouble.

Monday: Roast Chicken, Apple Relish, Romaine Salad, Baked Sweet Potatoes
This meal was easy to prepare.  I did all the work after I got home from shopping.  The I bought only the sweet potatoes today.  Everything else was in the pantry/fridge already.

Tuesday: Lasagna, Tossed Salad, Biscuits
I have a few wonton wrappers left from my egg roll making a couple weeks ago.  One of the suggestions on the package was to use to make lasagna.  This dish will allow me to finish off that package, as well as use up a few vegetables and some cream cheese that is nearing expiration...Do you put cream cheese in your lasagna?  My late father in law made his lasagna this way, just the way he learned from an Italian neighbor years ago. It adds additional richness to the dish.

Wednesday:  Chicken Turnovers, Steamed Broccoli, Wild Rice,  Ambrosia
I'll use the leftover chicken to fill the turnovers.  The dough is made with cream cheese (can you tell I got caught with a bit of cream cheese on hand?)...I'll have to look about for the recipe for this turnover.  I've had these as an appetizer at parties before.  I thought these would make a good entree for a meal.

Thursday:  Soft Tacos, Pico De Gallo, Refried Beans, Apple Pie a la mode
I bought plenty of tortillas this week.  I'll make my own taco seasoned beef to fill the tortillas.  Pico de gallo is so delicious with chips but I love it as a salad, the way my favorite local Mexican restaurant serves it.

Friday:  Grilled Brazilian Steak burgers, Grilled Corn with lime butter, Lettuce and Tomato Salads, Corn Muffins
I used to laugh at the idea that anyone would go to a steak house and then order the ground steak...So now the laugh is on me.  I've ground sirloin in the freezer, and I think it's time to make Brazilian burgers once again (season with minced garlic, green onion and a splash of sherry).

Saturday:  Take out 
I've planned meals for the last four Saturdays that Chance has been off and each time we've splurged on eating out, or picked up steak on our way home and broiled it...  This week I plan to be spontaneous.  I've set aside some of the grocery money and the budget won't suffer.

Sunday:  Oven Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Black eye peas with tomato preserves, Biscuits
I think I want a comfort meal for this weekend meal.  And for me that is to make a meal such as Granny used to make. Mmmm!


Rhonda said...

I am one of those that prefer chopped steak to a whole steak. Steak houses are not my first choice but when we do go, I order chopped steak or a chicken fry or a veggie plate.

your menus sound good, I never heard of using wonton wrappers for lasagna noodles but I think it would be good, just like using fresh noodles instead of boxed ones.

lislyn66 said...

I'm with Rhonda, not much of a steak eater but do love chopped steak. Would you share your lasagna recipe with the cream cheese or is it already on your recipe blog?