Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Monday - A week of Leftovers

Here we are.  The weather outdoors is just a bit more mild today than it was all through the weekend, but it's looking like a definite trend towards warmer weather is here to stay.  Kay is home and meals have been kind of funny lately.  My fridge is filled to the rim at the moment with leftovers because suddenly we've just all kinds of foods on hand.  This week will be about using up these leftovers in creative ways.

Monday:  Tuna Pasta salad, Saltines, Pears
I bought four pears last week.  Two perfectly ripe and two that were very firm.  Well now everything is ripe!  I had one in my breakfast cereal yesterday and I'll slice half a one over my peanut butter toast tomorrow morning, but the rest were eaten today for lunch.  I made the pasta salad before the weekend thinking we'd have it for a meal then, but no there were too many other choices, some brought in and some made here.  No matter.  It was awfully nice to come in today after a morning of errands and visit with a friend and just pull dinner right from the fridge. 

Tuesday:  Cheesey Potato Soup, Turkey Ham Sandwiches, Apple wedges with Caramel Sauce
The twice baked potatoes planned for last week became Cheesy Mashed Potatoes...and I had leftovers, plus leftovers of cooked sliced potatoes.  All go into the soup pot today to be reheated in chicken broth(from the freezer) and some powdered milk to make our soup.  I bought the turkey ham to slice for sandwiches for lunches, might as well eat some for dinner since it's being sliced this morning.

Wednesday:  Steak Salads, Crescent Rolls, Strawberry Shortcakes
Our local berries are ripe and ready to purchase.  I shall be making individual shortcakes for dessert, a proper shortcake, too.  We had leftover steak which will go beautifully over a big salad and homemade blue cheese dressing.  I'll use the last of the crescent rolls from the freezer.  I'll make up another batch of those after we're through Passover week.

Thursday:  Chicken Fried Rice, Eggrolls, Coconut Macaroons
I thought I'd make up macaroons to have on hand for next week, while we're celebrating Passover.  The fried rice and eggrolls are coming out of the freezer where I pushed them last week when I had so very many leftovers in the fridge.

Friday:  BBQ'd Chicken, Steamed White Rice, Steamed Broccoli, Biscuits
Kay asked for a squash casserole last week and I'd planned to make Chicken Parmesan.  Well the chicken became BBQ chicken and of course, there were leftovers, lol.  It seems we had nothing but leftovers from nearly every meal.  I'll slice the chicken and heat and serve chicken with any sauce generated over a bed of rice. 

Saturday:  Mexican restaurant
If Kay is still here, I thought we'd go out to eat lunch...and if she's not, I'll go out and eat all by myself.  After a week of leftovers I'm ready to let someone else cook for me and do the clearing up after.

Sunday:  Pigs in Blankets, Coleslaw, Chips
I'll make up enough biscuit dough on Friday to set aside in the fridge for my 'blankets' over the all beef hot dogs from the freezer.  This meal will be an easy one to share with Chance in his work lunch.  I'll be very busy this day.  A visit to Granny is planned, typically I start my week of housework on Sunday and I'll be clearing pantry/freezer of products with yeast for our Passover week.  I can prepare the meal pretty much ahead and simply put in the oven to heat when I'm ready to eat.

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