Monday, May 9, 2011

Make Do and Mend Mondays

Heidi @ has started a new Monday project that I just love.  I promised her last week I'd join in and post the logo she made to my website as well.  This week she posted her photo of her make do project and promptly emailed me that  she was anxious to see what I came up with.  Well...I certainly had put myself in the hot seat! lol  My projects are not nearly so nicely executed as Heidi's but this is what I've done today.  I've had these pieces for some time in my chifforobe where I keep china and it seemed a shame not to use them.  In fairness, the big compote has been in the fridge for the past several weeks with fruit (apples, and later grapes) but since I'm out of both fruits the bowl was washed and slated to go back to the cupboard.  I posted a photo at the beginning of the year from BHG where they used such pieces to organize a desk and I thought of that this morning when I was about to put away the compote.  So here's my "Make Do" project for this week:

I just remembered I have a creamer in the shed with a chipped edge.  I think I'll do as Granny used to do and sand down the chipped place then use it to hold my color pencils.

What ways can you Mend or Make Do today?  Anyone up for the challenge?  Let me and Heidi know if you join us and let us see your project. 

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Heidi said...

Wonderful Terri! Why have pretty dishes that we never see? And what better way to contain our things than these beauties. I have a dish like the small one in front. It was my grandmother's and it is on display in my hutch here in my living room. Glad to have you on board. I hope you find doing this as exciting as I am finding it.

Hugs from Holland ~