Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Menu Monday: Hot Weather Watch

We've topped 100F here a few days already and this week's forecast promises more of the same.  I don't know want heavy meals this time of year.  I want to eat something that is refreshing and flavorful and filling enough to last until the next meal...And I want to stay as cool as possible while cooking that meal, too.  This is the time of the year for cooking early in the morning, using the microwave and crockpot (and some women take that outdoors.  I might just find my extension cord and do the same this year).

Monday:  Burgers, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Fruit Hash
I'm ekeing out what I have on hand at the moment until tomorrow, even though we were paid this past Friday due to the holiday.  The burgers will cook on the grill.  The potato salad served at room temperature rather than cold.  Baked Beans will heat in the microwave.  The fruit hash (a mix of fresh and canned fruits, sour cream, mini marshmallows and diced walnuts) is chilling in the fridge. 

Tuesday:  Deli treats of cold cuts, fresh bread and sliced cheese, olives, hummus and red pepper strips, watermelon
I've a list of errands as long as my arm to attend to.  I'm willing to bet that by the time I return home I'm hot and bothered and irritable and I won't cook.  I'll rely on the grocery and deli to provide my meal.  It might seem pricey but I assure you 1/3 pound of cheese or luncheon meat is very affordable and enough for two people.

Wednesday:  Pasta with fresh tomato sauce, Fresh mozzarella slices, Garlic toast, Green Salad, Dark Chocolate and Pears
I'll try to remember to take a picture of this pretty fresh tomato sauce.  It isn't cooked but it's so tasty that you don't feel you're eating lightweight food.  It's one of my favorite summertime go to recipes.  I've been using it for over 30 summers now.  This year I'll add some of my homegrown basil to the sauce as it macerates.

Thursday:  Polska Kielbasa, Squash and Onions, Summer Slaw, Corn Muffins
Summer Slaw: fresh shredded cabbage with diced tomatoes and green bell pepper tossed with a sour cream and mayonnaise dressing.  It's every bit as fresh and tasty as it sounds and a nice change this time of year when produce is plentiful.

Friday:  Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Chips, Strawberry Shortcakes
I'll be prepping a meal to take to Oneg tomorrow.  The shortcake isn't a shortcake at all, but just plain cake.  I'll bake one deep 9 inch layer cake to use for tomorrow's dessert and a half dozen cupcakes for our dessert and snacks over the weekend. 

Saturday:  Crockpot Chicken Lasagna, Spring Mix Salad, Boston Cream Pie
I'll be able to assemble the lasagna dish and let it cook while we're having service.  It's easy as can be.  Just a lighter version of lasagna.  I'll layer lasagna noodles with cooked chicken, sliced mushrooms, chopped onions, red bell pepper and shredded zucchini and yellow squash with an Alfredo sauce and Parmesan Cheese. 
That deep layer cake I made the day before will be assembled into Boston Cream Pie and served well chilled.

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