Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Monday: A New Week, Work Ahead

A new week is well underway and it's time once more to plan foods, tasks and fun.  I've actually got so much on my plate for this week that I might well collapse exhausted and call a nap 'fun'!  Sewing, yard work (my plans for that job just keep growing), house work, writing, errands,visits,  meals...Golly but those of us who are full time members of  The Bon-bon Club surely do have a shortage of time!

I didn't do much of anything yesterday.  It was, after all, Mother's Day, and if I were alone it seemed to me I ought to honor the day by taking my leisure.  I called Mama, who was visiting down at my brother's and I went to see Granny.  I stayed near the phone after that so I could take each of those four phone calls from all four of my lovely children.  What a treat to speak to them all. Now if those two grand sons of mine will begin to talk I might get to talk to everyone eventually.

Monday:  Turkey and Dressing, Steamed Broccoli, Pear Salad, Cranberry Sauce
I had just enough leftovers from Saturday's dinner for two servings if I stretched a wee bit, hence the broccoli being added to the menu.  And just in time, too, as it happens.  I'm produce rich and need to use it all up in a hurry.

Tuesday:  Tuna Salad Nicoise, Saltines, Banana Splits
Chance is going to golf this morning.  When he'll return is any one's guess.  It's dependent upon a lot of variables: cost, heat, tiredness...So I'll plan to make a plated salad, which will keep until whenever he returns or to have as late as supper if necessary.  And if I get too hungry, I'll just make myself a sandwich.

Wednesday:  Mustard and Pepper seasoned Roast, Italian roasted vegetables, Baked Potatoes
The roast is so easy to season: a good quality Dijon or whole grain mustard is my favored choice, but I've used the plain old store brand yellow mustard with equally outstanding results.  Coarse ground pepper over the mustard and bake to medium rare.  My roast is a shoulder roast, excellent for roasting and will slice nice and thin for sandwich meats for the working man of the house.  I'll use zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers in various hues, Vidalia onion, garlic, olive oil and oregano to make our main vegetable dish.  I so love this medley of vegetables.  Leftovers are excellent tossed with pasta as a makeover entree.

Thursday:  Sweet and Spicy Wings, Rice, Coleslaw, Biscuits
I love theses wings!  The extra sauce is excellent spooned over the rice as a 'gravy' of sorts.  The wings are sticky and messy but so tender and good.  It is likely Alan may be here this day to help with the yard work.  This is one meal I can easily make and leave to cook while we're working. 

Friday:  Eggplant Rollatini, Green Salad, Crusty Bread, fruit
I don't expect I'll use up all of the eggplant in the roasted vegetable dish, so I'll make rollatini, which are worth the extra effort they take to make.  I bought my eggplant for just $.50 this past week and it's the absolute best price I've seen on one in ages.  Pears and grapes are the best buys in my produce section at present, but strawberries may be well priced too, so any or all of the above may appear as the finish to this meal.

Saturday:  Chef's Salad, Crusty Bread, Strawberry Shortcake
I'll make extra salad Friday and set aside for today.  A boiled egg, slivers of roast beef, cheese wedges will make a nice chef's salad.  I've almost let strawberry season get away from me, so I'm going to indulge in my favorite dessert of shortcake. I'll bake sugar topped biscuits when I bake on Thursday and set them aside.   I like an easy to assemble meal when I come in from synagogue.

Sunday:  Chicken Pot Pie, cranberry sauce, Carrot and raisin salad, Strawberry sundae
I'll boil chicken breasts on Friday as part of my work ahead plan for weekend meals.  It will take no time to assemble a pot pie for dinner.  Leftover strawberries will be nice over vanilla ice cream, over even over strawberry ice cream.

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