Monday, June 20, 2011

Grocery Challenge - $25 per week per person

While not planning to enter the official contest at All You magazine, I did think it would be fun to participate and try to follow their guidelines.  The rules: For foodstuffs only, $25/week per person in the household.  There's just the two of us and so my budget is $50/week.

This is what we ate last week:
Monday: I ate leftovers just as planned.  Chicken Curry, Yellow Rice and Carrot Salad.  I put half the curry and rice in the freezer for a single meal for myself in the future.  Chance's lunch also was made up of leftovers on this particular day.  He'd had such a busy work weekend he hadn't finished the foods in his lunch so there were sandwiches that were still good since his lunch stays refrigerated each day.

Tuesday: I shopped for groceries this day.  I bought a $.99 Nathan's hot dog at the deli and had that as my lunch.  For supper I ate a chicken leg and made a tomato sandwich.  The deli chicken wasn't a planned purchase but I just couldn't make myself want the leftover salmon.  Chance had a cubed steak sandwich and a mini sub sandwich in his lunch, more leftovers from the weekend.

Wednesday:  Breakfast was peanut butter toast.  We were out running errands and Chance wanted fried Chicken at lunch time.   I agreed, paid for it out of my allowance.  That cost us $7 for two breasts, two wings and 1 order of fries.  Our supper that night was chicken sandwiches using one sliced half breast from the deli chicken and sliced cheese Chance requested as part of this week's purchases.  We had chips on the side and had ice cream for dessert.

Thursday:  Chance asked for cereal this morning as breakfast.  I didn't realize we had so much cereal left in the box from the pantry, so we didn't open the box bought with this week's budget.  We each had a whole banana with the cereal. Lunch:  I made hamburgers from a pound of ground chuck.  I made up four burgers and set two aside for Chance's work lunch on Friday.  We had corn on the cob to go with our burgers.  I bought the corn last pay period and forgot it.  Thankfully it was still fresh and moist.   Supper this evening was a cheese sandwich.

Friday:  Breakfast: eggs and toast  Lunch: I had a big salad using a boiled egg and one boccini (fresh mozzarella ball) as the protein on the salad.  The lettuce used was bought last pay period.  Supper:  I had a half banana and half a peanut butter sandwich.

Saturday:  Breakfast:  Peanut butter toast and hot grits.  Lunch/Supper: one meal as we were out so late this day.  Chicken Salad sandwiches, made up yesterday using one boiled egg and two thighs from the deli roasted chicken.  I noticed yesterday that Alan ate most of the second breast half when he made a sandwich.  The carcass was put in the freezer in a bag with a second deli chicken carcass.

Sunday:  Breakfast: Cereal for Chance who opened the newly bought box of cereal. I opted to have a smoothie made with one cup homemade yogurt, 1/2 banana and a single slice of frozen pineapple from freezer.  Dinner:  Steaks, baked potatoes and salad, chocolate cake with yellow frosting.  I'd bought two steaks on grocery day but had to run to town to buy another since Alan was coming.  I opted to buy a packet of baking size potatoes after all my potatoes proved to be very small.  The cake mix and frosting were in the cupboard.  I did use three of the eggs I bought this week to make the cake.  Supper: we had a burger each and a slice of cake with coffee.

Foods I bought and used this week: $3.99 deli roasted chicken
                                                          $1.69 1 pound Roma tomatoes
                                                          $1.38  bananas
                                                          $1.00  1 dozen eggs bought with a coupon
                                                          $3.00  deli Provolone cheese
                                                          $18.00. 3 steaks
                                                          $3.89 4 baking potatoes
                                                          $2.48 1 gal. milk
                                                          $4.00 2 loaves of bread
                                                          $3.69 1 pound ground round
                                                          $2.00 1 bag of chips
                                                          $2.49 1 bag cookies (Dutch windmills, my choice)
                                                          $2.70 1 pound decaf coffee
                                                          $.70 1/2 1/2 for coffee
                                                          $1.20 1/2 pound ground sirloin
                                                          $1.00 1/2 gal limeade
                                                          $.99  Nathan's hot dog
                                                          $1.99 1 box Life cereal
                                                          $.60 1 Boccini ball
                                                          $.84 1 apricot
                                                          $.69 1 peach
                                                          $1.68 1 pound grapes
                                                          $1.00  ice cream
We have 1/2 pound decaf, most of a box of cereal, 1 steak and 1 baking potato to carry over to this week's meals.  I also have 1 mug of milk, 1/2 the container of limeade, 1 grilled burger, 1 chicken carcass and 1/3 loaf of bread, 1/4 pound grapes, 3 Roma tomatoes and 2 bananas left to use.  2 of the dozen eggs were badly cracked so I fed them to the dog.  I didn't adjust my budget to reflect the cost of the eggs I didn't use.

While my purchases were a bit over my budget this week I am hopeful that I shall find myself in line this coming week.  I am surprised at my total, because I truly thought we were below budget not over, but that is why I posted what we ate and what I used, so I'd know where I stood. 

Are you following the challenge?  How did you did?  Leave me a comment and if you're blogging about it let us know so we can follow your progress in this challenge as well.

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Rhonda said...

you already know I am doing it.
I like seeing the prices you paid, compared to here, you got very good deals on your coffee, milk and cereal. but yikes on those baking potatoes, are they Chance's favorite wrapped in plastic ones?
and what is a Boccini ball?