Monday, June 27, 2011

Grocery Challenge - $25 week per person Week II

Week II started out nicely.  Let's see how well I've done.

Monday: Chance made breakfast: Fried Eggs, Hashbrown potatoes, *Turkey sausage
                                       lunch:  Steak Salad, shared a *candy bar
                                       supper: Chicken Rice, Watermelon

Chance used the leftover baked potato from Sunday dinner to make hashbrown potatoes.  We discovered two broken eggs in this carton, too.  I'm thinking of taking bubble wrap with me next time I market!

The steak was leftover from Sunday dinner.  My salad used Romaine, tomato, *cucumber, sweet onion, radishes, homemade croutons and feta cheese.  We used the last of two different jars Blue Cheese dressing.  I took one candy bar and halved it between us.

Our supper was very economical.  Two chicken carcasses boiled with onion tops and root ends, celery leaves and root ends I'd saved in the freezer.  After picking over the carcasses and straining the broth, I added rice and 2 cups chicken pieces, setting one cup aside for another recipe.  I'd meant this for Tuesday dinner, but Chance thought this smelled so good cooking that I served it Monday evening.

Tuesday:  Breakfast:  Peanut butter *toast.

We were out this morning running errands.  I'd planned a quick fix meal but Chance stopped in town to purchase burgers at the local diner.  I paid for these from my allowance, not my grocery budget.  I added chips and drinks when we got home to round out the meal. 

We had a honey bun and coffee mid afternoon.

Supper:  Egg Salad Sandwiches, Ice cream 
The eggs were cooked last week and included in that week's budget.

Wednesday:  *Eggs and Toast for breakfast
                     I ate out with Mama.  Chance had chicken salad sandwiches, chips, lemonade for his lunch.  The chicken salad was made last Friday and leftover from our Saturday lunch.  The lemonade and chips also were leftovers from Friday, so no expense for this meal.
                     My supper was soda crackers and peanut butter.  These items were already on hand.  I had a small bowl of watermelon chunks.

Thursday:  Breakfast: Turkey sausage and waffles, homemade maple syrup
                   Dinner:  *Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti
                   Supper:  Nachoes with lettuce, *avocado, salsa, sour cream
                   Chance's lunch:  Grilled burger, peanut butter and crackers, cottage cheese pineapple

Friday:  Breakfast:  Peach smoothie for me, waffles/sausage for Chance
              Lunch: (Chance) Turkey and *Provolone sandwiches, applesauce, celery stuffed with cream cheese
              I had the sandwich with the last of the water melon and a honey bun
              Supper: Cheese toast, Brownie and coffee

Saturday:  Breakfast:  Peanut Butter Toast, Coffee
Chance had: Tuna Salad Boats, chips, peanut butter crackers, brownies
                  Dinner:  Breast Fillet, Potato Salad, homemade biscuits
Last of the chicken I cooked earlier this week...This was a late late dinner for me, so I had no supper.

Sunday:  Toasted Cheese Biscuits
                Dinner:  Out with Mama
Skipped Supper again this day.  I hadn't planned to eat out, but I ran into Mama and she wanted to have company.

*Items bought for this week.  Everything else was from food storage, freezer, or leftover from last week. 
Groceries bought for this week:  Ice cream            $2.00
                                                     peaches               $3.71
                                                     18 eggs                $2.25
                                                     2 loaves bread     $4
                                                     1 pkg bnls chkn   $4.48
                                                     Parm/Rom blend  $2.84
                                                      Turkey sausage   $1.99
                                                      Tortilla Chips     $1.99
                                                      1 cucumber           $.35
                                                      Nestle candy bar   $.26
                                                      Soda                    $1.20
                                                      yogurt as starter  $1
                                                      Swiss cheese       $4.89
                                                      Cheddar cheese   $2.75/16 ounces
                                                       1/2 1/2                  $.80
                                                      Avocado              $1.99
                                                      1 can coffee         $3.79

YES!  I think that helps pull the balance back in my favor don't you?  I should thank Mama as well because taking me out to eat on Sunday was a nice bonus for the week and I brought home enough leftovers to make a meal for Chance's work lunch today.

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