Friday, July 1, 2011

Bringing Back an Old Fashioned Summer - Water Fun

Remember the agony/thrill of going to buy a bathing suit each year?  How some looked super cute but for some reason only the ugly ones came in your size, sigh?  Many a summer we looked for suits for the girls and would find the perfect top but no bottom to match, ack!  Agony and such it was.  But I love love love the vintage bathing suits....Well maybe not the one on the above left...but what about these?

Do you remember your most favorite suit?  Mine was turquoise with a white pinstripe at the bustline and up the straps...And then there was the sweetest little fuschia ruffled bottom one I bought for Susan...

Summers were also given to watching Esther Willams films...Oh to have swimmed like the Olympic star and had glamorous bathing suits like hers!

Now just for fun, a bit of price comparison.  Recently I noted a bathing suit that was just two pieces and retailed for around $160.  Yikes!  Look at what a bathing suit cost, once upon a time:

I won't show off the modern day suits, though some are cute as can be and some are just barely there, lol.  But let's look at a few bathing suits from the long ago past:
These suits put me in mind of the 'gymsuits' we had to wear at P.E.

I'm sorry... all that comes to mind is that she borrowed someone's long johns...

Hmmmm...Men and women seem to be wearing about the same length suits in this photo.

Chance took a long look at this photo when I found the image.  His comment was that girls seemed to be 'healthier' back then.  Kind of refreshing to see isn't it?

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The Tiny Chapel said...

In the Jantzen ads unseen and doubtlessly devilihly handsome he-men are always reaching into the picture frame to drag the glamorous Jantzen-clad beauty off to play. One imagines a roomful of Mad Men cooking up this abduction fantasy theme. Those suits were like insanely short sheath dresses. There was still a hint of 'skirting', before the transition to suits more or less identical to underwear took place.