Monday, July 4, 2011

Grocery Challenge - $25/Week per person, Week III

Another week...How did I do?  Only one more to go after this week.  I'm curious to see how my month stacks up!

Monday:  Breakfast: Toast and Eggs for Chance, nothing for me.  I opted for coffee, using canned evaporated milk from pantry in my coffee since I was out of half and half.

Lunch: Chance had Chicken sandwiches made from the chicken I brought home after lunch out with Mama on Sunday.  I had nachos using the last Roma tomato, a bit of the avocado and chips bought two weeks ago.  All items for this meal were leftovers from last weeks food purchases.

Supper: Homemade burgers*, Homemade buns.  Made enough to go into Chance's work lunch for tomorrow.  I had a soda with my burgers, from 6pk bought on sale a month ago.

Tuesday:  Peanut butter toast for Chance and myself, coffee for both of us.
                  lunch:  I bought *chicken fingers, fries and soda while out shopping...only my dinner wasn't what I ordered, I ended up with buffalo fingers instead.  Saved 2/3 of those for use as a Buffalo Chicken Salad later this week (enough to serve 2).  I counted this as groceries since I used grocery money to buy it and since I'll get three servings from it, I'm not minding so much counting it in.
                  supper:  *Frozen pizza, had enough left for another night's supper.
Chose to try the store brand rising crust pizza, which cost a good $1.50 less than the popular brand pizza.

Wednesday:  Breakfast:  cereal with *berries, toast, coffee
                       Dinner:  Chicken Parmigiana, *Saladw/* Blue Cheese dressing Garlic Toast, Brownies
                       Supper: Reheated pizza
Bought blueberries and strawberries this week. Won't use all the strawberries (will put some in the freezer) but plan to use all the blueberries as I want to make muffins for breakfast.

Thursday:  Breakfast:  French Toast and *Turkey Bacon
                    Dinner:  Cheesy Corn Enchiladas, *Fried Green Tomatoes, *Green Salad with *Mango Salsa
                    Supper:  *Hot Dogs, Coleslaw

Friday:  Breakfast:  Cheese Eggs, Toast
               Dinner/worklunch:  Buffalo Chicken Salads, Strawberry Smoothie
               Supper:  Berry Muffins and Coffee
I ate such a late lunch (after 2:30) that I wanted something lighter for supper.  I thought I'd make berry muffins since I had both blueberries and strawberries in good supply.  I didn't purchase any of the baking items especially, they were all from the pantry and freezer except the eggs and berries.

Saturday:  Breakfast: Turkey bacon, Eggs, Muffins
                   Dinner: out with synagogue group
                   Supper: Turkey bacon, lettuce, *tomato sandwiches
We were taken out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and they had lovely baskets of the most beautiful BIG ripe tomatoes. Chance and I agreed that we had to have a basket and we'd make BLT's for supper even though we were about to eat dinner, lol.  We finished off the last bits of the package of turkey bacon, the last of the first loaf of bread and we're nibbling on the last of the lettuce leaves at this point.  But hey!  We've got tomatoes! lol

Sunday:  Breakfast:  Cereal with Banana, Toast
                Dinner:  Spaghetti with Garden Vegetable Sauce, French bread
                Supper:  Chicken Rice with Saltines, Fruit and Cheese
I used up the last of the old bag of carrots, the last zucchini and some onion from the fridge, a bit of bell pepper from the freezer and added to a partially used jar of pasta sauce that had been in the fridge.  I added some ground sirloin.  I'll have leftovers of spaghetti meat sauce and will use that in next week's menu.
The Chicken Rice is from the batch made two weeks ago and frozen.  I expect these leftovers will morph into a second dish as well.

Groceries for this week's meal:
2 pounds of ground sirloin           $5.98
Takeout lunch                           $10.59
frozen Pizza                                 $3.49
lettuce                                         $1.69
Blue Cheese dressing                 $1.70
Blueberries                                 $2.00
Strawberries                               $1.98
Turkey Bacon                            $2.99
Mango                                       $1
lime                                              $.20
jalapeno pepper                           $.29
Red bell pepper                         $1.66
Green Tomato                           $1.50
Hot dogs                                    $1.50
2 loaves bread                           $3.00
1 gallon milk                             $2.68
1/2 1/2                                       $1.85
Tomatoes, BIG                         $4.00
Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes      $1.50
Meyer lemon                             $. 33 

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