Monday, July 11, 2011

Make Do and Mend Mondays

Remember to visit Heidi at to link to the Make Do and Mend Mondays.

I've had a slow week or so here and I don't have much to show, but I did reuse two items.  The first photo shows an idea I borrowed from friend Tammy,
I thought it was brilliant when she showed it on her blog.  I didn't have an empty antique canning jar (so farmhouse cute!) to use but I did have this little jar and it works well enough. 

Second is my own idea.  I have been looking for my popsicle molds for a month.   I was convinced they were in the shed and looked and looked.  I have told you my shed is fairly organized and I can usually find things easily.  And it was until Alan's room mate moved and some of his things got put in my shed, then Kay bought furniture and more things got put in my shed and months of going in and sort of tossing things in general direction of where they are to go ensued.

So I went out this week to gather up what I thought was a big box of trash...Only it turned out to be a little bit of paper and empty boxes tossed on top of a box of things that had been set out and never sorted into proper areas.  There were my popsicle molds!  In they came to be washed.  Chance likes for me to wash items that will hold our foods in the dishwasher.  He believes the higher hot water temperature and the soap are better about removing germs than simply hand washing.  With the popsicle sticks though, how to keep them from being thrown all over the dishwasher and possibly into the bottom of the machine was a problem.  This was my solution:

I set the bag on the first shelf after fastening shut with a bread sack twist tie woven through the mesh.  It worked like a dream!  I felt clever for at least 30 seconds.

That's my 'make dos' for the week...What have YOU done?


Susan in SC said...

Oh you clever, clever girl!! love the idea about the Popsicle sticks. I love Tammy's idea with the glass jar. Ah, my internet friends, they are all so creative - not to mention beautiful!!

BelleDiabolique said...

I hope that my make-do curtains will be up on the interwebs soon. I feel like a slacker. I am pretty sure that it won't manage to be on a Monday, just because I halfway forget the days of the week anymore. But they'll get there!! Eventually. B built the rod mounts for me. They're awesomesauce!