Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Monday: Finishing Up

Well here we are with just two days left in the ALL YOU grocery spending challenge.  Having just finished my dinner (frozen leftovers thawed while the freezer defrosted) and having just recently completed a new freezer inventory sheet and cleaned the chest freezer, I am more than ready to plan a week's meals.  I learned a good deal about my shopping and about how loosely planned meals here truly are.  I've always said the menu plan was a guideline to remind me what I have to use than an actual menu plan and I think looking at my challenge menus you'll find that statement is very true!
Monday:  Curried Chicken with Yellow Rice, Tomato and Cucumber salad, fresh peaches
No expense added to the month's challenge using these items...I defrosted the chicken and rice as I worked on the freezer, chopped the tomato and cucumber I had on hand.  Easy, good and quick.

Tuesday:  Pigs in Blankets, French Fries, Coleslaw
I'll mix up homemade biscuit dough (and cut out biscuits too while I'm at it) to wrap around the hot dogs (froze half a pack left after we ate them two weeks ago).  The sort of easy meal I'd like to come home to after the work of grocery shopping.

Wednesday:  Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings, Asian Style Noodles and Vegetable stir fry
Most all of these foods are on hand too, but I'll add a handful of fresh snow peas, a few pieces of fresh broccoli to the overall  mixture just for additional texture and vegetables.  I make my own version of a teriyaki sauce that is very good.  Leftover wings will go into freezer for a future meal.  I bought a big family pack and had to tip the wings myself, so I will cook them all at once.

Thursday:  Beef and Mushroom Pasta, Green Salad, Crusty Bread, Peach Melba
I've had this recipe lying out all month long.  Lasagna noodles are cooked and served with a sirloin cube and mushroom sauce...It's a fairly simple recipe and it looks delicious in the magazine photo...Will it live up to it's potential?  I sure hope so!

Friday:  day out for me
Promised Mama this day to have lunch with her, so no cook day for me.

Saturday:  Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, Chips, Homemade Ice cream sandwiches
I can prepare this meal ahead from roast beef leftovers and we'll just heat when we come home from synagogue.  An easy enough meal, hearty enough to be lunch/supper.  Somehow we only seem to get two meals on Saturdays anymore so this will work beautifully for us.

Sunday:  Fried Chicken, Hash brown casserole, Fresh green beans, sliced tomatoes
I froze most of the chicken given to us last week, so I thought I'd thaw and reheat in the oven while the potato casserole cooks.  And if there are any peaches or nectarines left I might make a small cobbler and shove that in the oven at the same time too.  Provided it's not blisteringly hot come Sunday....In which case we'll have something entirely different, lol.

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