Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

Last week was such a great week. I was pleased with what was accomplished at home and because I didn't tie myself down so hard that I couldn't enjoy the week.  John's extra time off was plenty of fun.  We've a few more days to enjoy, work, and relax and then it's back to routine for a bit.

This morning just flew by with routine housework.  I've been planning meals and checking out recipes, making out my grocery list, checking my budget (yikes!), looking over the pantry/freezer listing, etc. this afternoon.  That's a good half day of work right there.

Double Yikes! I forgot to post this to the blog this week.  Sorry, truly, I am.  John was on vacation and I purposely left my time free for whatever he might want to do.  We had plenty of fun!  Check out and see how we had fun.  We've been busy this week as well.  Monday morning John shampooed the carpet.  My job was to stay out of the way.  That afternoon we went down to deposit his pay check, do banking and made the most important stop of all: potato chips and chocolate shopping, lol.  I'm telling you, my husband is one man who understands the sweet/salty connection for a woman!

Yesterday we shopped for groceries and I came in under budget, hooray!  Mind you  I did manage a bit of stocking up (canned pumpkin, canned sweet potatoes, cat food) but I got everything on my list and still saved money this pay period.  I was so happy over that.

Today we worked about the house.  I started the big seasonal wipe down of the kitchen cabinets and walls.  I only got a portion of that job done.  After dinner we went out to vote and to pick up a chicken that missed getting put in our cart at the grocery yesterday.  Gracious, I thought once those things were packaged up they were safe from running off, but that fellow flew away!  Not sorry I had to go back to grocery.  Today they had Kraft caramels as a bogo.  Score.

So here you are: menu and update and stop by Blue House to see the pictures of our little trips.  We've got another one planned...

Beef and Noodle Toss, Whole Green Beans, Crusty Bread, Pears with Walnuts and Blue Cheese
This is a simple recipe really but a 'different' sort of pasta dish.  Lasagna noodles are used for the pasta, topped with a slow simmered beef, grape tomato and mushroom sauce with a rich stock.  Very earthy and suitable for Autumn meals I think.  I plan to buy a nice wedge of blue cheese for the dessert tray.  If I find a bottle on sale, I might add a Moscato to finish off this meal.  Yes, it is a fancy sort of meal, but it's economical, too.

Warm Italian Sandwich, Potato Chips, Easy Tiramisu
I found this recipe in one of the magazines.  The recipe calls for a sliced Italian loaf but I will make individual sandwiches for us.  It has Provolone, roasted red peppers, pepperoncini, olives, sundried tomato spread.  It made me think of a sub sandwich we used to purchase from an Italian family when I was a child and I'm anxious this sandwich.  I think it will be a great meal to prepare ahead and heat when we're ready to eat.

Corn Moussaka, Mid-East Red Cabbage salad, Pita Bread
I first made this dish when I was a new bride...It's remained a favorite for autumn/winter meals.  The ground beef is seasoned with a bit of cinnamon and garlic in the tomato sauce.  It's unusual and tasty, as is the salad.  A friend of mine shared this a couple of years ago.  He mixed raw sliced red cabbage, carrot slivers, red bell pepper strips with a cumin flavored red wine vinaigrette dressing.  I like to toss on a few shelled pistachios after plating.

Cider Braised Chicken with Pan Roasted Vegetables, Baked Apples with Homemade Caramel Sauce
The recipe calls for cider.  I'll probably use the apple juice I have on hand and I'll use Tracy's trick of adding a bit of vinegar for the acidity cider has.  Another new recipe to try this week.  I do need to add chicken to my grocery list.  I can't believe I'm OUT!

Stuffed Bell Peppers, Mashed Potatoes, Fried breaded Okra, Slaw
Peppers from the freezer, I've got cooked potatoes to heat and mash in the fridge...Easy peasy and filling for that cold weather we've been promised is coming in.

Chili and Rice Burritos, Corn on Cob, Green Salad
A meal moved from last week to this week's menu. I didn't double the chili recipe as planned last week so we just had Chili Mac.  That left me about 1 1/2 cups of chili.  I added in the wild rice from the Chicken Kiev menu.  I think that will make a nice hefty burrito for us with possibly a couple to go in the freezer for another meal.

Corn Dogs, Sweet Potato Fries, Slaw, Caramel Apples
We didn't indulge in Fair food last week.  However, I thought I'd do a homemade version for fun.  This is another meal that we can make easily at the last moment if we have other plans.

Now just a quick bit of chatter...IM asked if I dress right away each day.  Sometime I do and sometimes I don't.  The truth is I'm more inclined to get busy and get things done if I'm showered and dressed first thing and far more inclined to piddle and take things leisurely if I don't.  I broke the first thing in the morning habit after Katie graduated and Granny was in Assisted Living.  Since John went to night shift I've been trying to get back into the habit of showering and dressing right away each day and again I find I get loads more done.

Have you all noticed that I've added comment moderation?  I've had a problem with lots of Spam especially on the older posts.  I finally got sick of these freeloaders who are using my blog to garner searches for their stuff, hence the moderation. 

Karla asked about the source I use for my yogurt recipe.  I follow this one
It turns out well for me 9 out of 10 times and when it doesn't I can usually trace it to one of three things: failure to sterilize the jars and lids, not watching the temperature of the water, opening the yogurt starter too soon.  I don't usually have any homemade leftover to start a batch.  It's so good I'm greedy with it, lol.

Now, the cat is tapping at the window and it's starting to get dark.  I'd best hurry on outdoors and feed those pets of mine.

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