Monday, January 24, 2011

A Coffee Chat, A page worth viewing and such...

Hello there!  I've had the most spontaneous week I've known in many years now and I shall tell you all about it, though it may well seem tame compared to most.  However, being the country mouse that I am, it's been quite out of character for me and fun and well enjoyed.  I shall confess this is very out of character for me, all this going about without the day and the way all planned out before hand.  What freedom there is in scrapping all my plans and simply flowing along, lol!  
I'd planned on Saturday to make a trip to Hobby Lobby, set myself a spending limit and was set to go after synagogue.  Then my friend, upon hearing my plans as we chatted after service, asked to come along.  How lovely and unexpected that was!  It's been almost a year since we were last able to take off together for a fun day and since she is a crafting person it was doubly enjoyable.  How sweet she was in the offering of some items I'd meant to buy and of which she had a great many. 

We walked and looked and discussed and she being as frugal minded as myself simply laughed whenever I would say , "Oh but I won't spend on that, I can make do with something I already have..."  I was, to be honest, a bit stunned by prices of some things and very pleased with prices of others and came away with a bag full of things to begin to have fun with very soon.  We picked up pet food and then she treated me to lunch and we headed back home.   It was late afternoon, almost evening that day when I returned home, just as it had been earlier in the week when I was off to the city.

Saturday night I had one of those deep 'naps' after going to bed and then woke and found myself staring at the ceiling unable to go back to sleep.  After prayer, I began to think over the purchases I'd made and what crafts I shall enjoy doing with them and what materials I have on hand and what I shall make note to buy later...Well that did the trick.  As I lay there planning out a lovely time of crafting, I went right back to sleep.

Sunday I did a bit of housework and then dressed to go visit Granny.  Gracious that was just yesterday wasn't it?  It seems much longer ago, somehow.  I went over and found Mama there visiting and after the visit was over (Granny determined it was time for us to go and saw us to the door), Mama asked if I'd go with her to eat out.  Added enticement was the city to the north that lies among deep rolling hills, a highway that has extensive long range views and the beautiful day.  I thought of the plans I'd made and then decided to just embrace this cycle of new plans replacing the old and agreed to go.

It was a lovely ride and well worth the trip up.  It was a very pleasant time, the meal was good, and we had a beautiful ride back home again.  However, it was late afternoon when I returned home and by the time I'd made Chance's lunch, planned my supper and done the last of the housework, it was evening once again. 

Now you shall laugh, because I am convinced there is a test in all this planning and changing.  Chance came in and told me his car was in disrepair.  He claimed it a 'mechanical medical emergency', an aneurysm of a radiator hose, lol.  However, the mechanical ailment meant my car was needed for the next two days...and that put off the Big Shop I'd been planning for all weekend long.

Yes, I do believe it was a test...But I decided it didn't matter in the least, all things would work out just fine.  Chance took my car this morning and I planned out what I should do tomorrow instead of shopping.  And as I set my plans, he called to suggest perhaps I might take him to work and then pick him up that evening.  It was a lot of extra mileage to be sure and would require a good bit of time as well ,but the Big Shop could be done.  That, I thought, would work nicely so I made my plans.  And then at 3pm Alan called to say he was a half hour away, was bringing parts to repair the car and please would I fix him dinner so he could eat before returning for evening class?  And yes, that meant my plans changed again, not only for the afternoon nap I was now missing that I'd felt most in need of this afternoon,  but for tomorrow because Chance shall now have his own car.

I managed a meal for Alan, though I'd no idea at the moment I agreed to feed him what on earth he should eat.  When he arrived I went outdoors.  It was lovely out today, nice enough to warrant hanging out laundry and opening windows to air the house.  I took out the big clippers and pruned the rosebushes ruthlessly, just as I'd seen they had done over at Lane's Packing Shed.  Their roses are glorious each year and I am certain that mine shall have come to no harm since they grow wildly here for some reason.  I did smile to myself, pruning roses when I'd meant to be lying down to rest instead. 

Roses pruned, I came indoors meaning to really lie down and stretch my back but Kay called and we chatted until Alan was done with the car and washed up and then he chatted to her as he ate his dinner.  And when Kay had hung up and Alan was away the afternoon chores needed to be taken care of and then it was evening all over again.  A full day has been lived and it has gone by so quickly.

Here is a yahoo news item that I thought most interesting.  I've condensed it in word processing and plan to print it out for Mama, Alan, Doug's wife, Susan, Kay and myself to keep.  I was quite surprised at the information it contains and it shall prove very helpful.  My copy is going right into my housekeeping journal in the food section for future reference.

It is Harvest Night here and we will settle our few bills over coffee after prayers.  I can well remember the days when this evening was much dreaded by us both and tears and upsets were the most common reaction.  Our determination to end our debt and make the sacrifices that led us to living debt free have certainly been worthwhile.  I don't believe we missed a thing not eating out twice a week nor spending money we didn't have on things we shouldn't remember in a week's time.  We certainly do remember what it was like to watch those debts come to a -0- balance however.  And while we are not totally free (we do have our car loan) that too is being paid off a little bit more with each pay period.

I double checked my grocery spending for the past month, with all those unplanned hindrances to the shopping, making do with what we had on hand and a quick shop for basic needs.  We really did do very well. Not as much savings as I'd hoped but some savings all the same. 

I stood at the window this evening as I went about the house shutting blinds and curtains and there was a lovely sunset despite the clouds moving in.  One section to the northwest looked very peculiar, almost like a harrowed field.  I couldn't help but smile at the idea that a heavenly crop had been sown in that field in the sky.

I was reading a blog post late last week on how to make up a winning blog...It was suggested that politics nor religion be mentioned in order to avoid offending anyone.  I have to be honest here.  I'd love to see great numbers on my blog.  I'd love to have it be wildly popular and much subscribed to and yes, even see it earning a bit of income after all these years spent writing.  But my faith is intrinsically a part of who I am.  Not the denomination, because heaven knows I've tried on several hats in that area,  but my relationship with Christ and my beliefs over all.  If they are offensive I beg your pardon but please reconsider what you are reading.  I shall not refrain from talking of heaven or revelations I've had (and I have recently had two very provoking revelations that I plan to blog about on my Blue House blog), nor of mentioning my great joy and gladness in my faith walk.  I came to Christ later in life and I've lived without Him and I shall not do so again in this lifetime, nor will I deny Him because someone else feels 'uncomfortable'.  I pray that each of you who visit here are familiar with my stand on this matter and continue to return simply because you like what you see here and it touches your life when I share my own.

Now that said, I must end and do one or two things before Chance comes in which should be any moment now.  I just remembered he's driving my car, which I cannot hear as I can his own sports car and I shouldn't like to have dishes in the sink when he arrives...

Talk to you again next week!

P.S.  I know I've not posted menus yet.  I am absolutely bored to tears with the usual fare and meant to spend the day going through cookbooks...well you know how my plans keep changing, lol.  I've not had a moment to look for anything to inspire me yet.  I shall certainly try to have it up by tomorrow, but that's not a


lislyn66 said...

I love that you include your faith in your posts. And I will also include my faith in mine as well. Blessings my friend!

Renee said...

I find nothing offensive in people talking about their faith in their blogs.

I love Hobby Lobby. We have a JoAnn's close by now and I have a $10 off coupon to use this week.

Congratulations on your becoming debt-free. I found myself in a bad place with credit cards. But mine will be paid off within the year. Its funny how you can do without a lot of things when you have to.