Monday, January 17, 2011

From the Past: January 2004

From the newsletter archives I found this bit about using retail therapy as a creative booster shot...I think I need to follow my own advice...

 Retail Therapy

Saving money and retail therapy? Do they go hand in hand? And how
could it possibly tie in with a frugal lifestyle and taking time for oneself? 
Well, it does. Here's my theory:

I spend a lot of time trying to save money. I buy clearance when I
need anything, if at all possible. I shop for groceries and goods
by comparing prices and getting what I have to have at the lowest
possible cost and getting out. I never shop for pure pleasure or as
a fill in for other leisure time activities. Shopping is work,

But retail shopping has it's merits if done properly. #1 By going
without an agenda I have time to just look. Our grandparents called
it window shopping. #2 It exercises the legs and #3, it gives us
opportunity to look at what is current, see another's creative
expression in home furnishings, clothing styles, and trends.

How to window shop properly? Start with an open mind. Look at what
the current styles are. How do you measure up? Go in and try on a
particularly appealing style to see if it suits your body type.
Notice I didn't say purchase! Keep a small notebook and pen handy
and write down ideas, colors, etc. that are particularly appealing
to you. If you are struck by inspiration and suddenly realize that
you can use items a,b,c you already have at home to re-create a
table scape or outfit, write it down! You'll surely forget it
otherwise, as the day proceeds.
 A 2011 suggestion here: use that cell phone camera to take photos of the things that inspire you!
Bring a list with you. Check out the clearance racks. You may find
a similar style to those you've just tried on at greatly reduced
prices, or the perfect piece to complete an outfit you already
have. Some of my most loved costume jewelry was purchased for
pennies on the dollar. Ditto with shoes and purses, and
occasionally a blouse or jacket. A Liz Claiborne color blocked
sweater that I wore for years, was purchased for a mere $9, reduced
from $75!  Just be sure you set a limit before you leave home.

Plan to have lunch out. At a sit down place. Not necessarily the
chi-chi place that all are raving about, unless you plan to order
dessert and coffee only. This is an occasion and you should treat
it as such. It's a field trip, a day off from routine, out of the

There you go...Retail therapy on a budget!

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