Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No More Snow

I spent the day yesterday piddling about the house, looking out the windows at the transformed world and napping...A nice long nap.  Today I've done some housework, culled my bookcases (oh my!  You should just see how many books I've decided I can and should live without after all, probably about fifty) and wouldn't you just know it, two of the books I bought this weekend were already on my bookshelves, sigh.  Now I have empty spaces.  I'm thinking instead of filling the bookcases back up with books, I want to do something a little different.

And I've watched the dripping of the ice, the snow receding.  I feel a little bit sad over it, I really do, but not enough so to want to have it more often, lol.  I was minding my own business earlier when the ice and snow began sliding off the house, hitting the heat pump.  Gracious but that made me jump, and not just once but several times.

Chance called earlier with concern when  former co-worker reported it was snowing ten miles west of home.  But just ten miles can make such a difference, as he found out last night coming home.  The county where he works is twenty-five miles or so south of home.  That county was clear of snow by yesterday afternoon.  Here we were getting misting rain that froze over the surface of our sleet snow mix.  It even crept under the carport and coated the cars in a sheet of thick ice that had to be thawed before he could leave this morning.

Earlier this month when I found a picture on a blog that I just loved of a foggy snowy morning I felt I had to save the picture to use as a January wallpaper on my computer.  I've gazed at it morning after morning as the computer booted.  This morning a similar scene was mine outside my own doors.  Ice encased trees, snow on ground, a white misty fog overall...It was just gorgeous. 

It was lovely having snow but I'm glad it's gone...


Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying your snow days. We too have snow again here today and more coming in tonight and tomorow. I love snow so I'm not complaining!

Susan in SC said...

We still have lots of snow here! I do love to see nature all dressed up in ice and snow!