Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh My!

That is what greeted us first thing this morning...and it's not translucent glass...It's an ice coated glass storm door!  Oh dear!

I was a little leery with the weather reports.  With the radars it's really hard to know if we're included in the segment of the state shown or not.  Just in case though, I followed the herds of people to the grocery and bought what we had to have to make it through until mid-week: eggs, milk, dog food...and chips just in case of an attack of the munchies.

Yesterday morning was beautiful.  Sunshine, clear skies, a chilly northeast wind.  However, as the day went on the skies grew cloudy.  Still, nothing to look like a threatening weather situation.

It wasn't until nearly 11pm last night that I heard the first of the sleet.  It didn't last long but it was enough to keep me waking off and on all night long to listen but it remained quiet.

It's pretty, cold, and slippery out there!  I swept the snow/ice from the fornt porch and steps but the back deck is pretty much frozen solid.  The trees clatter when the breeze blows because they are frozen solid. Here's a few photos of our transformed world:


LouAnne said...

*brrrrrrrr* Makes me want to go sit by a warm fire! Wait.. I am sitting by a warm fire! Hope you're able to stay in and enjoy the quiet that comes from weather such as that. :-)

Tracy said...

OUr weather has been very cold and will be all week, but thankfully we haven't had any ice or sleet. Stay warm and cozy!