Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday's Thrift Fun

Saturday was so gorgeous and I couldn't think of a thing I'd rather do after synagogue than to go plunder in a junky thrift shop.  I knew just the place.  It's called Summit Chase and looks like nothing much from the outside, but I like it rather well because it is loosely organized into sections.  It's a little dusty but there's a real attempt to keep things orderly.  So I know just which sections to head to when I want to find something. 

I had a great time, spending a bit over an hour just wandering about and finding the treasures meant to be mine.  First I checked out the china/glass.  Then I wandered over several other sections, but of course, I saved what was, for me, the best for last.  So I'll list my favorite finds first: 8 books.  Four of them dustjacketed and four without.  They are as follows:
Tomorrow Will Be Better by Betty Smith
The Lovely Day by Dorothy Evelyn Smith
The Gown of Glory by Agnes Sligh Turnbull
Anne Boleyn by Eveylyn Anthony
Good Morning, Miss Dove by Frances Gray Patton
Something Light by Margery Sharp
Thursday's Child by Faith Baldwin
Bless This House by Anita Bryant

These alone made me want to dance out of the store happy as could be.  Just imagine my heart thumping though when the cashier said "Oh we get so many books there's nowhere to put them all, so they just dump them in the back..."  Oh gracious!  I was torn, truly I was, between horror at those poor books being treated so wrongly and my overwhelming desire to beg permission to go dig through them!  I controlled the last urge, as I was certain I was near my $20 limit and the knowledge that likely the area where these books were kept was not heated nor a pretty sight.

Here are the treasures I found.  The first photo contains the books, but also a glass urn that I thought was pretty and would be nice for floral arrangements or to add to the collection of green glass on top of the bookcases.
This lovely pattern is one that keeps popping up in my collection of old plates/bowls.  I  have several pieces but I find them only one at a time, never as part of a set.  There's no manufacturer name on this plate.  I meant to check the pieces in the cabinet to see if any of those have a manufacturer's name.  I want to say it's a Homer Laughlin, one of my favorite pottery/china makers.

This beautiful pattern is unusual isn't it?  When I saw it, I snatched it right up, too.  You see, I have a small platter that was Grandmama's that is a match.  No name on either piece so no clue who made them or what the pattern name might be.  I suspect it might have been one of those grocery store patterns that was bought with earned tokens or purchased as a special piece by piece each week.  I'd love to have a full set of these dishes.  Oh my...Ebay is calling my name!

Three salt/pepper shakers.  The shaker to the right was used for salt and it corroded the piece.  However, I didn't buy these for use on the table.  I pictured them as tiny flower vases (johnny jump-ups, crocus, violets, a sprig of ivy?)  or just to be looked at because they are so pretty.  The one in the middle has an all over pattern.  I can't read hallmarks on them, don't suppose they are real silver, but they are certainly pretty and I was pleased to find them.

As suspected, I was near my $20 mark.  I paid $17 for all these items together, and I called it a good morning of hunting when I was done.


Tracy said...

I love treasure hunting in thrift stores! :)

Susan in SC said...

Terri - I have some of those same plates and I think a serving dish like the one above at my mom's house. We have the same taste in old dishes. Good job in finding your treasures!

debbie said...

what was the name of the jan karon book u bought

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Hi Terri! Such a pretty new blog!!! So sorry I missed your move. I have a lot of catching up to do...I will save it for later today as a treat after doing my chores. More soon my kind friend.

Penny Ann said...

@ Susan: The floral one or the fern one? I love them both but finding them is a real hunt for treasure.

@Tracey: I'm glad you came by to see the new home. I like it very well. I'm hoping it proves to be a happy and congenial place, lol.